Evaluation of OptiBoost at Porta Nova in the Netherlands

OptiBoost initiates collaboration with Porta Nova

OptiBoost has entered into an agreement with the Dutch company Porta Nova. The agreement applies to the evaluation of OptiBoost for cut flowers, the system will be installed in January 2022

Porta Nova and OptiBoost

We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be delivering a OptiBoost for cut flowers system to the world-renowned Dutch rose grower Porta Nova! Early 2022, we’ll start the work together and evaluate the system.

Porta Nova is one of the most respected brands in the flower industry and is known for its very high quality. They are the largest grower in the world of the famous Naomi rose, Porta Nova annually produces about 60 million roses.

The rose is the main Dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment. It continues to conquer hearts with its beauty.

Porta Nova is a rose nursery that specializes in cultivating top-quality Red & White Naomi roses. In the modern and environmentally friendly greenhouse in the Netherlands, they do everything in their power to assure that the roses grow to perfection.

Porta Nova’s business philosophy distinguishes them from the rest and, as a result, a top-quality product is always supplied.
“Roses are our passion. Roses are our life. Day in, day out, we do everything we can to make roses grow and bloom. Not on our own, but with hundreds of specialists who take meticulous care of their roses.”
Porta Nova not only works closely with its customers but also with universities and other businesses to further improve quality. That’s why the cooperation with OptiBoost fits perfectly in the line with their company mission and with OptiCept as well.
Naomi rose
The World famous Red Naomi, grown by Porta Nova
”We look forward to our cooperation to test the OptiBoost technology at Porta Nova. The combination of the vacuum technology and the nutrient solution developed with nanotechnology looks very promising. It will be interesting to see how much we can further prolong the already long vase life of our roses for our customers and the consumers. Besides we will be eager to see what improvements can be made with transporting our roses dry to our customers as this could also have a very positive effect on sustainability factor.”


Says, Stefan van Vuuren, Commercial Director & Owner, Porta Nova

Top-Quality Roses

The above developments and the close collaborations with their partners have enabled Porta Nova to provide their customers with a quality guarantee. 

The already long vase-life is something their customers appreciate and pro-longing this even further with the OptiBoost technology is something we will explore together. Not only that but also explore how we can disrupt and change ways of transportation. 

Disrupting and changing ways of transportation in the flower industry

The OptiBoost technology has the ability to impact the sustainability of the entire flower industry.

As the OptiBoost treatment increases the life expectancy of cut flowers, it also increases their durability – this affects the means of transportation needed.

Switching from airplanes to boats can be an option in some cases, going from refrigerated trucks to non-refrigerated, which significantly reduces emissions.

In the case of Porta Nova one goal is to explore the possibility to use less water during transports. Improvements can most likely be made with transporting the roses dry to the customers and this could also have a very positive effect on sustainability.

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