OptiBoost Featured in FloralDaily

Interview with Ulf Hagman, Executive chairman of OptiCept Technologies by FloralDaily

“Our treated roses lead to 50% higher gross profit and 25% lower waste”

FloralDaily highlighted OptiBoost and the great results achieved by treating cut roses at one of Sweden’s largest retail chains. A blind trial was recently conducted where 100 selected stores sold OptiBoost treated roses. In comparison, these stores increased their sales of cut roses by 20% and significantly reduced waste due to the improved durability of the roses. Click the link below to get to the full article in FloralDaily. 

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OptiBoost - Cut Flowers

The Vacuum Infusion Process (Video)

We use vacuum infusion to impregnate the cut flowers with a nutrient solution. But not just any nutrient solution – we have developed a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of nanotechnology.

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OptiBoost - Cut Flowers

Commercial breakthrough in retail for OptiBoost

During autumn of 2021, extensive evaluations of the OptiBoost technology were carried out together with APH and Dagab including 200 grocery stores, results that now lead to Dagab choosing to treat all its roses with OptiBoost.

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