OptiCept enters partnership with Syngenta and Prebona

OptiCept starts global sales of OptiBoost for cut flowers – enters strategic partnership with Syngenta and Prebona.

OptiCept and Syngenta, have co-operated on developing the OptiBoost system for cut flowers and cuttings over the last years. Now it’s time to go to market and start the global sales, cut flowers will be first.

OptiCept and Syngenta, have co-operated on developing the OptiBoost system for cut flowers and cuttings over the last years. 

The OptiBoost technology is based on vacuum infusion and replaces parts of the air in the leaves with a special nutrition solution. Impregnating the leaves, and they, therefore, stay much longer on the vase. 

Now, OptiCept and Syngenta Seeds are teaming up alongside Prebona to launch the OptiBoost application on a global scale. 

Syngenta is no stranger to the flower industry, a strong position within the agriculture and horticulture industry. The company has 49 000 employees in more than 100 countries and sales of 23 billion USD. 

Prebona, the third party in the agreement is the Swedish material technology company that has been involved in developing the liquid used in our method.

Global sales work is scheduled to begin in January 2022. OptiCept is responsible for the development and delivery of the technology and methodology, Syngenta seeds for the operational sales and marketing work, and Prebona for the manufacture and distribution of the patented nutrient fluid.

“We have strong results behind us and are now ready for a global scale-up. This partnership contains all the components for a successful launch. OptiCept has a unique technology, Syngenta a global presence, and world-class knowledge regarding flower production. To this, we add Prebona with their innovative technology and the patented nutrient fluid. A strong line-up to establish OptiBoost as standard in the flower industry. We are really looking forward to developing our cooperation” 

says Ulf Hagman, Chairman of the Board of OptiCept Technologies.

Josef Fischer, who is the Global Innovation Manager at Syngenta, made the following comment in regards to the new partnership:

”We are very pleased to see the strong results achieved with OptiBoost during the test period on the Swedish market. We know that the method works and are now recruiting experts in cut flowers to support our global sales organization. It is with great pleasure that we now take the next step in our partnership – to launch OptiBoost in the global market.” 

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