The first OptiBoost for cut flowers to be installed in South America

New technology enters the continent, OptiBoost machine will soon touch base in South America, EQR Roses in Ecuador will evaluate the machine in their production.

Located in Lasso, Ecuador at the foothills of the Cotopaxi Volcano, EQR grows and sells high-quality flowers for a worldwide market. Their 8 farms are located at an altitude of almost 10,000 ft and with a total extension of 140 acres.

The weather and height, have the perfect conditions for growing outstanding roses with the brightest colors and great head sizes. Today EQR is growing 160 varieties of roses, 22 varieties of Spray Roses, and White Calla Lilies.

Innovative and sustainable mindset

EQR are inspired to produce flowers that arrive in perfect conditions and on time, protecting the environment, and are always committed to the well-being of their employees.

EQR also supplies large wholesalers in the US with roses and the agreement includes evaluation of OptiBoost treated roses for delivery to one of these customers. In addition, the intention is to evaluate the long-term impact of the technologies influence on overall sustainability and life cycle management.

In addition, EQR has distribution in Miami under its own auspices and their main market is the United States but has a presence in Europe and Asia as well.

“There is great potential in this agreement, and we see EQR as a future customer and are entering the large South American market with OptiBoost. But above all, we can enter the American market,  which is huge when it comes to cut flowers.” Says Johan Möllerström, CEO, OptiCept Technologies.

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