OptiBoost installation in the UK

The eagle has landed

OptiBoost has entered into a commercial agreement for the OptiBoost application for the treatment of roses with the British company Flamingo Group International.

Flamingo Group and OptiBoost

We are incredibly happy to be part of this collaboration with Flamingo, a company whose reach and impact in cut flowers is very large.

Taking responsibility in the form of quality, ESG, and a strong focus on
innovation is something we share.

The British market is a large and significant part of the
world’s cut flowers. Lots of roses and cut flowers are delivered, consumed, and
processed here. That OptiBoost soon will be live with collaboration in this
market and reach consumers with treated roses to some of the largest supermarket stores
is proof of our technology and quality.

It is estimated that the UK cut flower industry has an
annual turnover of around £ 2,2-3 trillion pounds. The flower industry is also
a growing industry that continues to make progress year after year.

“The collaboration with Flamingo Group is ideal, they own the entire chain from cultivation to resale, which means that we have the opportunity to create great value for the customer.” Says, Johan Möllerström, CEO OptiCept Technologies

OptiBoost - Impacts the global flower industry

The OptiBoost application together with Flamingo group can make a difference for cut flowers, with impressive figures in previous evaluations on both reduced wastage, increased sales, and increased profits,
there is room to continue to grow a fruit full relationship and be a role model
for others in the cut flower industry.

Taking responsibility for the entire chain from cultivation
to end customer is important, in this way you can reduce your climate footprint
and improve all links in the chain. OptiBoost technology has the proven ability
to increase the sustainability of the entire flower industry. As the OptiBoost
treatment increases the life expectancy of cut flowers, it also increases their
durability – this affects the means of transportation needed, less waste, and
more profits all around

About Flaming Group International

Increasing sustainability is one of our main objects, and the same goes for Flamingo. founded in 182, farming sustainably has been a core commitment of their operations.

Flamingo Group International is a comprehensive player in
the flower industry, with its cultivation in Africa, distribution centers, and
logistics solutions. It is a retailer of some of the UK’s largest grocery
chains and florists such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Interflora. It also has
international customers, including being a supplier to Aldi, Spar, and Jumbo

Flamingo group has over 22,000 colleagues, they farm 1,300
hectares in Kenya and Ethiopia, and work with 900 partner growers in over 19
countries, they deliver to consumers across the UK and Europe every day. This
opens up massive opportunities for OptiBoost.

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