Commercial breakthrough in retail for OptiBoost

During autumn of 2021, extensive evaluations of the OptiBoost technology were carried out together with APH and Dagab including 200 grocery stores, results that now lead to Dagab choosing to treat all its roses with OptiBoost.

The evaluation of OptiBoost in Dagab stores showed some quite amazing results: 36% increased sales and 50% reduced waste.

Dagab is part of the Axfood Group and is responsible for assortment, purchasing, and logistics for all of Axfood’s market concepts. They deliver the grocery assortment to about 600 own and collaborating stores within Axfood. The Group strives to be the best in the industry in terms of sustainability.

During the evaluation, OptiBoost showed a significant impact in terms of waste, as it was reduced by half and a the same time achieved a sharp increase in sales.

The commercial agreement is a step in further strengthening its sustainability mindset and reducing wastage in the flower segment while offering consumers a better product.




“Roses are a high-value crop, and globally, we are investing a lot in growing roses. We think that it is a pity to waste this kind of investment. With 20% waste, we are not using our rose-growing footprint well. If we decide to make this footprint, let’s ensure that we do so responsibly,” explains Johan Möllerström, Senior Advisor, OptiBoost.

New sales leads generated in South America, Miami

Following the success of the blind evaluations in Sweden, OptiBoost prepares to send its first machines to Ecuador and Colombia. In a recent two-week sales tour in Colombia, Ecuador, and Miami, more than 20 sales leads were generated, representing 3-4 billion rose stems per year.

OptiBoost is also being trialed in UK supermarkets, with a demonstration machine at London’s Mercato Metropolitano and with Flamingo Group International, the second being the largest wholesaler of cut roses in the UK. The company also plans to have machines operational in Holland in the near future. 

OptiBoost –  a flexible technology

OptiBoost can be used at any time following harvest, whether it be on the farm, at the wholesaler’s facility, or in the market itself. This makes the technology very adaptable to different steps of the supply chain, as roses can be treated before freighting overseas, upon unpacking at the stores, etc.

Certain OptiBoost users are also using OptiBoost to treat other cut flowers with good results.

On the 7-9th of June, the OptiBoost is attending the Floriexpo exhibition in Miami to showcase their technology.

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