OptiBoost starts a partnership with One Flora Group

OptiBoost has entered into a partnership with One Flora Group in the Netherlands. In 2023, commercial tests are going to be done with OptiBoost for the treatment of cut flowers for the company’s end customers. In addition, OptiBoost will open a test center with a vase life room adjacent to One Flora Group’s facilities in Aalsmeer.

One Flora Group, which is one of the largest companies in the flower industry, will install an OptiBoost system for the treatment of cut flowers at their facility in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. Initially, commercial tests will be carried out with selected customers in the retail trade.

“We see great potential in the collaboration with One Flora Group, we share many values in terms of sustainability and technological development and see very good development opportunities. The fact that we establish ourselves with a presence in Aalsmeer and the Netherlands is also an important strategic step”, 

says Thomas Lundqvist, CEO, OptiCept Technologies.

OptiBoost for cut flowers system
OptiBoost for cut flowers system

One Flora Group was formed in its current form in 2022 through a merger of Groenland and L&M Group. The group consists of 16 companies that cover the entire chain from growers, distribution, logistics, wholesalers, and retailers. In total, 1.6 billion cut flowers, and 26 million plants are grown annually and had a turnover of 400 million Euros in 2022.

“We are strong believers in collaboration and growing together. One Flora Group’s ambition is to create the next level of floriculture and we believe this collaboration can be another step in the right direction. We are excited to work with OptiBoost and explore what we can achieve to improve quality and sustainability. It could be very interesting for both our retail clients as for our related flower suppliers”, 

says Sven Aertssen, One Flora Group

OptiBoost to be installed at One Flora in Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is the hub of the European flower trade with many of the world’s leading players on site. Besides treatments for One Flora Group, the OptiBoost unit and vase life room will also serve at a test centre for other potential customers.

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