Changing the flower industry together

OptiBoost is a technology developed by OptiCept Technologies. In collaboration with Prebona, we offer game-changing technology for the flower industry to boost quality, increase sustainability and improve business. 

Superb and enabling technology for the flower industry

We aim to contribute to an extended, optimized & more sustainable Flower Experience through game-changing postharvest treatments and processes.


The perfect symbiosis of technologies

The OptiBoost treatment is both a technology and a method, which comes to us in the shape of a machine.

We use vacuum infusion to impregnate the cut flowers with a nutrient solution. But not just any nutrient solution – we have developed a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of nanotechnology. 

Vacuum enables the solution to impregnate as efficiently as possible, the solution itself is optimized to deliver the highest possible amount of nutrients for the flower.

This process takes place in a treatment chamber controlled by the main unit. A treatment only takes 36 seconds, the basic system can manage 40 000 roses/h.

Meet the OptiBoost team

Our team consists of very highly skilled people with international knowledge and experience from more or less all sections of the flower industry. The understanding of the business and the deep knowledge in the method, science, and technology gives us the absolute best conditions to add great value for our customers.

Below – meet the people who will help you implement the technology, of course, behind this team is additional skillful colleagues working on developing our method. 

Katarzyna Dymek


Fredrik Sundberg


Paul Poelstra

SALES DIRECTOR – North/South America & Europe

Discover how OptiBoost could benefit your business

The OptiBoost technology is beneficial in multiple ways for growers, wholesalers, and retailers. Get in touch now to explore what possibilities that are available for your business.

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Developers of the vacuum infusion technology

OptiCept Technologies AB is the innovator of the science and method used for the OptiBoost treatment. Spun out of years of research at Lund University. OptiCept provides the food and plant industry with technological solutions that contribute to a more sustainable world and enable climate-smart economic growthOptiCept optimizes biological processes – Increased extraction from raw material, extended shelf lifereduced waste, and improved quality (tastearoma, color, nutritional contentof the final product 

Third generation nano technology

Prebona helps its customers to contribute to a better environment through functional, sustainable, and cost-effective nanotechnology.

They functionalize natural silica particles at the nano-level by attaching specific nutritions, atoms, or molecules to their surface. This allows Prebona to address a broad spectrum of global needs within a wide range of industries and applications. All while using fewer resources to achieve great results

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