A revolutionizing technology for the ornamental cuttings

OptiBoost for cuttings is an application under development. We’ve seen great results for many ornamental plants and forest cuttings in commercial evaluations.

Extended storage time

One of the major advantages of the OptiBoost method is the extended storage time it provides. With longer storage durations, the horticulture industry can benefit from more flexible, cost-effective, and eco-friendly transportation solutions. This improvement applies to both production farms and customer sites, including greenhouses across Europe.

Better management of production peaks

Furthermore, the OptiBoost method enables better management of production peaks. By allowing cuttings to be harvested in advance and stored, growers can efficiently handle fluctuations in demand. Gone are the days when the harvest of ornamental plant cuttings was solely determined by customer orders. With the OptiBoost method, planning becomes more efficient, and the harvest can be organized based on available personnel or per variety.

Reducing waste and improving quality of ornamental cuttings

Reducing waste is another significant advantage of the OptiBoost method. Instead of discarding unsold varieties, growers can store them and sell them later when market demand increases. This approach minimizes waste and maximizes profitability. Additionally, the OptiBoost method contributes to improving the quality of ornamental cuttings. After storage, cuttings exhibit enhanced general appearance, turgidity, and structure. Moreover, their development and rooting after planting are significantly improved.

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