OptiBoost Method: Insights from Katarzyna Dymek

Katarzyna “Kasia” Dymek is one of the great minds behind the OptiBoost method for treating cut flowers and cuttings.  How does the OptiBoost technology benefit the flower industry? What is Vacuum infusion and how do you move from spinach to roses in your research?  We got all the answers after our talk with Kasia! From […]

OptiBoost – New technology in the forest industry

Losses of unrooted cuttings are severe for many forestry companies. OptiBoost for cuttings – an application based on vacuum infusion technology has shown great results in increasing the survival rate of unrooted cuttings, especially Eucalyptus and Corymbia cuttings. Read more about how it works below. The challenges of planting trees from cuttings There are several […]

How vacuum impregnation technology can bring advantages to the flower industry

The incorporation of new technology in the flower industry can help to improve the quality of flowers, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and make flower production more sustainable. The OptiBoost system implements a treatment that has the potential to assist in all areas. Technology developments in the flower industry The flower industry has seen some technological […]