Game-Changing technology infusing exceptional quality

The Optiboost vacuum infusion technology platform is designed to enhance the quality and longevity of harvested plant materials. Boosting cut-flowers, ornamentals, or forest cuttings with nutrition.

OptiBoost - revolutionizing technology for cut-flowers and cuttings

The OptiBoost technology can be applied on cut-flowers or cuttings. The innovative solution caters to a wide range of applications, including the quality improvements and optimization of both cut flowers and forest cuttings. With a focus on improving post-harvest outcomes, Optiboost’s technology can benefit various industries by extending the shelf life and quality of these types of natural resources.

Optimizing the cut flower experience

For an extended, optimized, and more sustainable Cut Flower Experience.

Infusing exceptional quality

Boost forest or ornamental cuttings prior to planting with OptiBoost® for cuttings.

The perfect symbiosis of technologies

The OptiBoost treatment encompasses both cutting-edge technology and a comprehensive method, enhancing the vitality of cut flowers, and ornamental or forest cuttings.

FREJA is a vacuum infusion system tailored for cut flowers and SAGA is designed for all cuttings.

Our approach leverages vacuum infusion to saturate the plant material with a specialized nutrient solution. Notably, we’ve engineered this solution using state-of-the-art third-generation nanotechnology.

The vacuum infusion technique ensures the most efficient impregnation, while the nutrient solution itself has been fine-tuned for delivering the maximum possible nourishment.

This entire process occurs within a controlled treatment chamber overseen by the main unit, and it’s impressively swift.


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