The Vacuum Infusion Process (Video)

The OptiBoost treatment is both a technology and a method

We use vacuum infusion to impregnate the cut flowers with a nutrient solution. But not just any nutrient solution – we have developed a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of nanotechnology.

Vacuum enables the solution to impregnate as efficiently as possible, the solution itself is optimized to deliver the highest possible amount of nutrients for the flower.

This process takes place in a treatment chamber controlled by the main unit. A treatment only takes 36 seconds, the basic system can manage 40 000 roses/h.

This video shows what goes on ”behind the scenes” as the flowers are boosted:


OptiBoost technology is based on Vacuum Infusion (VI). It is a technique with which external liquids can be introduced into porous structures such as plant tissue.

The porous material is immersed in the liquid and subjected to a two-phase pressure change.

In the first phase, the pressure is decreased, leading to expansion of the gas in the pores of the material and partial flow of the gas out of the pores until mechanical equilibrium is established.

In the second phase, atmospheric pressure is restored causing the compression of the residual gas in the pores and the inflow of the liquid into the pores.

Read more about our patented technology here.

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