New OptiBoost for cuttings collaboration with Brazilian company

New OptiBoost collaboration with world-leading forestry company in Brazil

OptiCept Technologies has officially partnered with a Brazilian company, introducing a groundbreaking approach to cuttings enhancement. Utilizing the unique vacuum impregnation technology, OptiBoost, we’re enriching cuttings with vital nutrients. Our primary goal is to optimize the treatment of high-yielding cutting clones, unlocking their full production potential.

Chooses OptiBoost for cuttings for continual nursery advancements

The collaboration was initiated in early 2023 when the company evaluated the method on selected clones. The results achieved motivated the Brazilian company to enter a long-term partnership with OptiCept Technologies and for the implementation of the OptiBoost technology for cuttings.

The company is a multinational listed company with operations in over 40 countries that, among other things, manufactures stainless steel and special steel. The company is a world leader in the cultivation of different varieties of tropical tree cuttings. Among other things, the trees are grown to produce coal, which is used for steel production.

Today, they produces approx. 30–50 million Eucalyptus cuttings annually. The ambition is to transition from seed sowing to cuttings production and to plant 100 million Eucalyptus trees from cuttings annually. The focus is on treating high-yielding cutting clones and maximizing their use in production.

OptiBoost for cuttings vacuum impregnation equipment
Forest cuttings in treatment. The basket with cuttings is placed inside the vacuum impregnation unit.

Infusing exceptional quality into the forest propagation process

OptiBoost Vacuum Impregnation (VI) technology enhances the rooting and growth of eucalyptus and tropical clone cuttings, reducing propagation losses. The OptiBoost method offers a range of advantages to the forest industry, such as improved rooting quality, faster root formation, and increased nursery capacity.

Planting trees from cuttings poses various challenges, especially concerning successful rooting and overall survival rates. Forestry companies frequently encounter substantial losses, especially when dealing with the finest clone specimens.

OptiBoost introduces a critical quality enhancement, guaranteeing ideal conditions for the growth of new plants.

This distinctive vacuum infusion technology, in conjunction with custom-formulated solutions, guarantees that each individual cutting receives the optimal prerequisites for both survival and successful rooting.

Our patented system ensures that every single cutting is thoroughly enriched with essential nutrients.

Effectively addressing the cultivation challenges associated with cuttings, the OptiBoost method has demonstrated consistent, proven results across a variety of cutting types.

The company became OptiCept’s second commercial customer in a short time for the OptiBoost application for cuttings which was launched in 2022. A couple of weeks ago it was also announced that CMPC in Chile chose to start treating their clones with OptiBoost.

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